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Haven is the young adult ministry of LCC Redding committed to seeing restoration through Jesus Christ in the lives of those 18 to 30 years old. We desire to rally young adults to the Word of God, Mission of Jesus, and Leading of the Holy Spirit, and release them to rally others to the same in their classrooms, workplaces, families, and neighborhoods.

Sunday nights at 6pm, in the main Worship Center, is our primary rallying point.


Sunday nights are the primary rallying point for young adults, 18-30 years old. Although all ages are more than welcome to join us for the service all of the prayer and preparation that goes into this service is dedicated to reaching young adults in order that they might experience restoration through Jesus Christ. This is done in the service through intentional prayer, high quality musical worship, and engaging teaching from the Bible that is applicable to a young adult’s life. A general Haven evening may range from one and a half, to two hours.

We meet at 6pm in room C6.

Haven Teachings


Several times throughout the year we will throw parties that vary in activities from laser tag, to pool party BBQ’s, to lake days, etc. We affectionately refer to these community building evenings as IGNITE. These evenings are exclusive to 18-30 year olds, and are designed to initiate growth in relationship and community with one another. There are incredible outreach opportunities as well to invite young adult classmates, co-workers, and friends to relax, hang out, and have some fun while meeting awesome people. Details concerning any upcoming IGNITE’s can will be posted to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


The After Service is a conversational podcast show centered on rallying young adults to the Word of God, Mission of Jesus, and Leading of the Holy Spirit as we discuss various topics, scenarios, and questions young adults face today.

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Nathan BlankYoung Adult Pastor
Nathan oversees our ministry to young adults, 18-30 year olds. He has been on staff at LCC since 2009