“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Vision Test

Walk His Way Revisited
First Posted in July, 2014

I recently visited the eye doctor. You know the test: cover one eye with a little paddle, read the tiny letters on the eye chart across the room. Now cover the other eye, and read it again. Oops, didn’t do so well? Let’s try it with both eyes open. Ummm… Try reading the next line up. OK, let’s make it just a little bit bigger

Then they check your peripheral vision. Can you see what’s coming up beside you? Tell me when you see the flash of light. How about now? Did you see that? No?

It’s good for us to be aware of our blind spots, not only while driving, but in life. Blind spots are tricky, because they are, by definition, located in a place we are unable to see.

Unless God reveals our future to us, we aren’t generally aware of what is ahead of us in our lives. The Lord rarely tells us the specifics of our own future. And only occasionally do we have peripheral vision to see what is coming up alongside us in life. (The death of a very sick loved one may be an exception. We can often see that coming—but we can’t anticipate what it will feel like.) Other things we may imagine will happen, but they don’t come to pass.

The things we can’t see that belong to our future can and should be left in God’s capable, powerful hands. But those things WITHIN US that we are blind to can be very dangerous if we don’t deal with them. What is so obvious to other people about us, we can’t see at all. We need to pray for God’s revelation, and then pay attention to what He shows us. Perhaps it is unconfessed sin, or a complaining spirit, or a rebellious attitude, or unforgiveness.

We should pray with David, “Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults. Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me. Then I shall be blameless, and I shall be innocent of great transgression. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer” (Psalm 19:12-14).

Father, we know we have blind spots in our lives. Would You show us what is not pleasing to You, and help us to overcome by the blood of Christ? In Jesus’ Name, Amen.