“And He opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures.” Luke 24:45


Walk His Way Revisited

First Posted in March, 2014

Did you keep a diary when you were a kid? You know, the little hardcover booklets with tiny locks and keys that you had to keep away from your brother? I had several diaries over the years, and I wish I knew what happened to them. I’d love to stay in touch with “younger me” through the pages of my own writing. It might explain a lot. But the writing is gone, and I must rely on my memory, which is undoubtedly skewed by events and years, and whatever else would cloud perfect recall.

I started and stopped journaling when I was in college, and again when my kids came along. I don’t know what happened to any of those written pieces of my life, either. I had great intentions, but in the end, life took pre-eminence over intention.

Finally, as the kids were older and I had more time, I started a different kind of journal. It didn’t record events, but rather it recorded my heart, my state of mind, my thoughts as I walked with the Lord. I asked the Lord my questions there. I responded to Scripture as I read it, applying it to my own life. I wrote honestly about my fears, my losses, my regrets, my perplexities, as well as the things that brought wonder and amazement and beauty into my life.

I eventually sensed the Lord speaking to me as I wrote. I began to have understanding where before there had been confusion. I began to remember prayers and people long forgotten. I wrote out the things I wondered about. It became one long conversation with God. As Amy Carmichael has said, “My journal became evidence of traffic with heaven.”*

Traffic with heaven—meaning, God and I talk things over, back and forth. I write thoughts or prayers, then wait and listen. The things I talk to Him about are just between us, and not for other people’s ears. I ask questions, and He answers (not always immediately, of course). I rant, and He gives peace, often while I am still writing (but sometimes later in His Word). I grieve over losses, and He brings joy and understanding. I write through doubts until I can trust again; and when fiery enemy darts threaten me, His Word comes back to me as I write.

God and I do business together. How about you? How do you do business with the Lord?

Lord, may each person reading this find a time to do business with You every day. Help us carve out those times for quiet, thoughtful seeking of You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 “Edges of His Ways” by Amy Carmichael