“Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” 2 Peter 1:2

Grace Washes Over

We have lots of autumn/early winter fog in the area where we live. Sometimes it is so very thick. Usually it’s just there and I can look out and see the almost impenetrable fog. At other times it is moving right in front of my eyes—big, thick, rolling waves of it pouring in off the ocean. I feel like I could almost reach out and touch it.

I sat watching it one day through the window and began to reflect on what I was seeing. As is often the case, my thoughts began to drift to how the creation reflects the Creator.

Most of the time, God is just “there.” I know He’s with me, around me, very much present. I don’t see anything in particular, but I rely on the truth of His Word that He is with us.

At other times, I can see His hand at work in the everyday things of my life. I can almost reach out and touch Him. I can vividly “feel” His presence. Sometimes it seems like there are “waves” of His Spirit washing over me.

One of the things I have come to appreciate at a much deeper level than ever before in my life is how God sends these waves of His grace pouring into my heart on difficult days. I wouldn’t even know how to count the number of days during the last several years when I wondered if I could keep going. At times I have felt weak, weary, alone, and my heart has hurt so deeply from the things that have been lost. When these moments hit, I cry out to God for His grace, strength, and mercy.

Time and time again He has washed over me with His love and grace. I can’t see it like I have been able to see the waves of fog coming in off the ocean—but I have felt His ministry to me, experienced it in every part of my being. He has been more than sufficient for every need. He has met me and helped me in the tiniest details of what I’ve faced. Now, because of the rolling waves of fog, I have a vivid visual image to go with what He has done for me!

Father, we are grateful for the unending waves of Your strength, mercy, and grace!