“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Can’t Thank You Enough, Lord

I sat down at my computer to write and of course, everything started happening! I heard a crash and tinkle of glass in the other room. “Now what!”

“What are you into now? Everything is not a toy! Do you have to touch everything?” “Get down from there!”

“Don’t make me come in there!”

“Stop that!”

“Get out of there, are you crazy?”


She is incorrigible! She doesn’t listen to me! She hears me tell her NO, but her rebellious heart goes ahead anyway! She is determined to have her own way. I correct her and she does it again anyway! Doesn’t she realize she could get hurt? How looong suffering must I be?

As I was writing all of the terrible things she is and does, this is what took place in my mind’s eye:

I felt a familiar presence peering over my shoulder, and I grinned. “Autobiography?” He asked.

 I laughed and turned around. I threw my arms around my Jesus and we laughed heartily together. “Yes indeed,” I rolled my eyes, “It does sound a bit like me, doesn’t it?”

With a gasp of realization, “You are using this mischievous and naughty kitten to teach me patience, aren’t You? Maybe You should have sprayed me with water, Jesus! She is a very good lesson for me.  I can see that I have a long way to go yet.” We laughed. We had such a good time together. “I enjoy our fun times, and our times of sorrow or serious intercession. I wish everyone in the world could know You as a friend and Savior.”

Settling down after laughter and reflection, as we sat knee to knee, I looked into His still smiling, loving eyes, and I changed my tone. “Thank You,” I whispered with a grateful heart. He leaned forward without a word and held me tight. Such a warm peace and love cocooned me. Sitting back, taking His nail-scarred hands, “You have given so much, what can I possibly give back to You, my Lord?”

 Again He laughed, “Oh child, I have need of nothing, and I have given you everything you need. Continue to write, listen for My voice and be obedient. Now, go rescue all the papers that the kitten is pushing off your desk onto the floor.” We laughed again as I yelled, “Nooooooo…” and pulled that pesky, obnoxious (sent for a purr-pose) kitten into my arms for a kitty hug and a purr…I felt so much love for her, which made it worth it all.

I smiled knowingly, and, deeply emotional, I whispered…

“Thank you, My Lord, My love, I get it. Thank You. I can’t thank You enough.”