“For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

Knowing Where To Turn

I have thought so much about this verse. We look and look for things we have lost, sometimes never finding them. I know in this verse Jesus is speaking of unbelievers, those who are lost to Him right now—those He is seeking to have. I believe that God uses ordinary, simple people who have given their hearts to Him to be a light to those who do not know Him.

I worked with my husband in a male-dominated work force. All the men were always very respectful of me even though I know language may have been a bit rough out on the jobsites. I even heard one man say in the office one day, “I can’t tell that joke because the boss’s wife goes to church.” I am no prude and it probably would not have offended me, but I chuckled to myself anyway and was thankful not to hear something that might have embarrassed me.

It was during these years that tragically a very private man who had worked for my husband was losing his wife to cancer. One evening we got a call at home from him. He didn’t want to talk to my husband but asked me to pray for his wife. I promised I would and prayed with him. A few weeks later again I received a similar call, and again I prayed with him. I never talked with him again, his wife passed, and he retired, and a few years later he passed on himself. I never knew if either he or his wife were believers, or if they had accepted Christ as their Savior.

I could have looked at this situation and thought I didn’t do enough, didn’t say the right things, or missed an opportunity. I have prayed about it and I really do not think so. He knew where to turn for prayer and he knew God was the One he needed in this situation. I know God heard my prayers and I have prayed that God’s peace was felt by this sweet couple.

In the years since, I have become much more vocal about sharing the gospel. But even after sharing, in many cases I just don’t know where a person’s heart lies.

I don’t know a Christian who isn’t praying for a loved one who needs to be found by Jesus. What I do know is that we have to be willing to do whatever God puts on our hearts, and to work in and through any situation He provides to gently guide people to Him. Even unbelievers in impossible situations know God is their only option.

Oh Lord, I know You desire all to be saved, and You died to save us. I pray that the eyes and hearts of those who don’t know You will be opened to Your saving grace, and You can open Your arms and welcome them into Your family. Amen.