“He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love…” Colossians 1:13

Delivered and Conveyed

Walk His Way Revisited

First posted in January, 2014

 I have often thought on the implications of this Scripture and others like it, where a declaration is made that we have been taken away from the enemy and have been moved to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. In each case, the work is already finished. We have already been moved out of one realm into the other.

The word conveyed as used in the Bible means that we have been deported or transferred from one country to another. It was primarily used to describe moving a captured army or group of people to another location.

It staggers the mind, doesnʼt it? Here we are, living our lives on this earth, with our families, our careers, in these bodies. And yet, the Scriptures declare that we already have been conveyed into the Kingdom! How can this be?

Accepting this verse by faith has given me the courage to tell Satan to get away from me. God has declared that I have been delivered from any sort of power that darkness could hold over me, and I have been moved, transferred, and deported into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Satan may own the earth (for a short time, anyway), but he doesnʼt own me. My King and My God owns me. I live under His authority and rule. He is my protector and provider, my advocate, and the lover of my soul.

Meditate for a few minutes on what it means to be delivered from the enemy and conveyed into the kingdom of God in your own life.

“Dear Lord, You have moved me away from enemy territory into Your own kingdom. It is a place of protection and deliverance, for You are a strong and loving God, able to keep Your own children safe. Show me how this changes everything for me. In Jesusʼ Name, Amen.”