“O God of my praise. Do not be silent.” Psalm 109:1

Waiting for Answers

There are times when it seems like God is silent. No matter how much we pray, how many times we ask Him a question—it’s just quiet. No answers, no understanding, no direction on what to do. I’m going through one of those times right now in regard to something I’m asking the Lord about. I feel the Lord’s closeness, I sense that He’s with me, but there’s silence in regard to what I’m lifting up to Him.

I thought about it a lot on the Silent Saturday of Easter weekend. God was silent that day—all of heaven was silent. But so much was happening. God was preparing to invade history in one of the most powerful examples of His glory. It was the dark and quiet before the dawning of His planned victory for mankind.

I’ve been reflecting on all this, and thought I’d share some of the things I’m learning. Although I want (need) answers to something specific, I’m aware that God’s perspective may be so very different than mine:

–  He may be working on things to happen or come together before He can show me the way. I couldn’t help but think of how Mary and Martha cried out to Jesus to come when Lazarus needed him. He delayed. He was silent—He didn’t respond. But He was preparing the way for a great miracle!

–  He may want to teach me things to prepare me for the answers I need. He’s certainly teaching me more about perseverance!

–  He wants me to press into Him more.

–  He’s probably getting my heart ready for whatever the answers will be.

–  It could be a matter of timing. His ways are perfect, and perfectly timed, so I know He’ll give me the answers when I need them.

Although it may “feel” silent as I call out to Him, He is anything but silent. He is continually speaking! It’s just the one question I’m asking where the silence seems to echo. It’s a pressing question. I can’t help but wonder what God is doing in the interim.

I’ve realized that my responses during this time are very important. I can’t pretend this isn’t happening, so I’ve been asking God how He wants me to respond. I’m reminding myself of what I know I need to do:

–  I need to continually choose trust. When it seems like God is silent, the enemy would love to exploit that and work to create mistrust in my heart to the Lord.  I choose to speak out my trust to the Lord all through the day.

–  I need to examine my heart. Is there anything keeping me from hearing God? Have I been obedient to things He’s already said to me?

–  I need to keep talking to the Lord. I need to keep the channels of communication with the Lord active and fully operational! Job understood God’s silence, and yet he kept pressing into God and declaring the truth of who God is.

–  I need to dig into the Word more. Often times that’s how God speaks to us, so I need to read what He’s already said!

–  I need to check my attitude. I can’t demand that God speak. All I can do is ask. He doesn’t owe me anything. His speaking to me is a precious gift.

–  I need to build my faith in this time by recounting the many ways He’s spoken to me in the past! When I do that, my heart overflows in worship for His goodness and faithfulness in speaking so clearly and personally in previous seasons.

–  I need to listen carefully. God may speak to me in new ways that I’m not used to.

“Father, we know You waste nothing in our lives. You always have a plan for good. Thank You.”