“It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.” Luke 15:32 (a promise)

 A Sheep, A Coin, A Son

Side note:  I recommend reading Luke Chapter 15 as a companion to this devotion since the poem and explanation that follows is a direct result of reading it myself.

 I recently lost a precious item and at the same time found myself lost in an area I was not familiar with. It got me searching for the parable of the lost coin, which I found in Luke 15.  At the same time I noticed that this parable is sandwiched right in between the parable of the lost sheep and the parable of the lost son! All related to the same topic—something (someone) precious lost and then found, and then the response.

My brother has been lost for some time. He has struggled with addiction, guilt from past life actions and choices, and not feeling worthy. One day God called me to fast a meal and pray for him. During this short period, He gave me this poem for him. All three of the parables (the lone sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son) are all a picture of the great lengths to which Jesus will go to find us and bring us back into the fold, and then there is rejoicing!

A Sheep, a Coin, a Son

A sheep, a coin, a son;
You know He is the One

By His stripes you are healed,
When will you yield?
A sheep, a coin, a son.

You hide in your shame,
You suffer and suffer.
But on Him your sin was lain,
His blood is enough to cover.

A sheep, a coin, a son

Nothing’s a surprise to Him
His plan is in motion
His sweet, tender love for you
Is more deep and wide than the ocean.

He will NEVER stop chasing you
I know He has seen it through.

Victory this side of heaven is my constant prayer
His sheep, His precious coin, His beloved son
Trust him sweet brother
For He has numbered every hair.

“Dear Jesus, how grateful I am for the relationship I have with my brother and for You inspiring me to write this poem! I trust and continue to pray expectantly hoping in Your promises for my brother. Thank You for all You hold in his future.”