“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” John 1:5

 The Circling Light

I’ve always loved lighthouses. There’s something warm and inviting about them. Maybe it’s because they help “light the way” for ships at sea. When I see their light shining out, it always brings a sense of peace and security.

South Africa has many lighthouses along its long coastline, much of which is treacherous to ships. In fact, most of the lighthouses were built in response to a shipwreck down through history. Some of the lighthouses are just pretty and quaint now, but others are still working ones. I never dreamed when we moved here that we’d end up living near a lighthouse.

We’re in a coastal village area within the city of Cape Town that has a working lighthouse. It was built in 1914, so it’s quite old. The lighthouse is tall, still strong, and majestic-looking. It helps to protect ships in the dangerous stretch of rocky waters from Cape Point to the harbor in Cape Town. Its light can be seen for 33 miles at sea, and it has a foghorn that warns the ships on foggy days. I often hear it, especially in the winter.

When we moved here, I loved that I could see the light from the lighthouse circling around at night. In fact, the first night in our home Floyd had to be away. I was a little nervous living in a new area, a new house, in a new country—all alone. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to relax and sleep. As the light from the lighthouse circled around, shining into our windows, I felt the Lord speak into my heart that just as the light was circling around, He was stationing angels around to watch over me. I could relax and go to sleep. That spoke to my heart, and I went right to sleep. On nights when I’d wake up, I’d see that light circling around, and would remember that God had angels on guard.

On this long unexpected journey, I’ve faced so many “dangerous waters” that I’ve never faced before.  I have been so grateful that He sheds His light on my day, my nights, my activities, my questions, my decisions—the light of His Spirit circles around me continually.

Sometimes we don’t see things clearly because of the “fog” of the rough things in our lives, but His voice and His light are always helping us. In the darkest of situations, He speaks peace into my heart. He shines the light of His presence into my life and daily activities. His light shines brightly on the unknown, unexpected paths that I have to walk. And He illuminates the answers to so many hard questions that I face.

“You, Lord, are my light; You dispel my darkness” (2 Samuel 22:29).

“Thank You, Lord, for the light of Your presence, Your comfort, Your wisdom, and Your strength. You are with me continually.”