“No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”                                        1 Thessalonians 5:18 TLB

Thankfulness 365

Being thankful isn’t just for the Thanksgiving holiday. I love having a day set aside to be with loved ones, being mindful of having a grateful heart. But why should it be for only a day? I want to celebrate with thanksgiving 365 days a year, choosing to reflect daily on His goodness and boundless love.

God’s Word is clear on the importance of being thankful. Scripture tells us to be “thankful in everything, in all circumstances” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Then He tells us that it is the will of God! When my children and grandchildren thank me for something, it warms my happy heart and makes me smile. I love the thought of making God’s heart happy and making God smile.

As I was praying for family and friends, I thought of a few things to add to my thankfulness list, but the list is endless. Here are a few things on my list that I am thankful for:

  • The medical field that can come alongside God and help heal us.
  • Academic teachers, who are patient with sometimes unruly children and teens.
  • Those in spiritual leadership who teach us God’s Word and lead us to Christ.
  • Movies that can entertain us, make us happy, sad, and even lead us to Christ.
  • The Christian counseling professions who guide patients to wholeness and holiness.
  • Police and security organizations and military service men and women. They are away from  their loved ones on birthdays and holidays, willing to give ultimate sacrifice for God, country and our freedom. We live in the land of the free because of the brave.
  • My pastor who leads our family of believers into a deeper understanding of our LORD in His Word. I am also thankful for the followers of Christ who gather to worship together.

I’m mostly thankful for my family, whom God ordained to be together for such a time as this. God designed our family long before time. They are people who care about you and will always love you unconditionally. Sometimes family is not your flesh and blood, but other followers of Christ. We are all brothers and sisters in Jesus, Who receives my highest thanks of all because He gave His all for me. How could I give any less to Him?

Let us all be thankful every day for each other, and love one another as Christ loves us.

What are some things that make you thankful? Start your list and add to it daily. Will you join me? Let’s do this together!

“Father, may we be mindful of all You have given and done. We give You our highest praise. Amen.”